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Born in Hollywood, second-generation sound engineer Jeremy Barnes traveled extensively, and was one of the electronic artists at the first Burning Man which allowed sound systems. He attended SAE in Melbourne, AU developing a love for mastering, while pursuing music production and mixing and has since spent years in the studio before taking a break to study architecture. He's done work for majors, film companies and cool-as-they-come indie labels, and will handle your recordings with the same care.

Mixes and Masters:


Which Is The Next Stage For Your Production?



Huge Hybrid Tube Mix 

Have your songs recorded and want them to shine? Grab the listeners attention, move them emotionally and add finished work to your legacy with us. It'll bring the whole production home. Imagineering at its finest!

With vintage 60's and 70's flavor; the sound of germanium consoles, custom tube summing, tape, analog filters and FX...this is where all the style-defining details come together.


Pristine Presentation 

Have your tracks all mixed and finished, ready for mastering and release? Don't worry if you're uncertain about a few of your mixes, I'll gladly guide any mix adjustments if needed. The aim is to sound great to keep your music moving forward!

A subtle treatment combining vintage analog and transparent digital to enhance the listening experience to prepare your sounds for the medium, and refining frequency and dynamic balances.


Sound for Picture

Is your latest production nearing post? The final phase, where dialogue, room tone, music and effects meet? 

Final impressions will depend heavily on the sound, one of the pillars of modern cinema.

Whether you're making a period piece about rock'n'roll adventures or a nature documentary, each moment of your timeline should melt into a cohesive whole, as dynamic and visceral as the human experience.


"There's nothing quite like making decisions.

Commit and make it work." - Alan Parsons

Ready to lay the foundation?

Thank you! Quote coming shortly.



Tube & Germanium transistor mixing desk
Studer tape machine with tubes

Since decades "vintage" analog circuits have colored & time-stamped recordings for instant recognition, and as studios have upgraded many agree something was lost along the way.


Are your mixes lacking in clarity, heft or excitement? Close or not, perhaps what's missing is a bit of the sonic signature from timeless classics. Subtle to most, hitting the sweet spot will however have you sounding your best. In essence, much care is taken to nail the sound, for your songs to simply shine.

Styled as intended.

If your creations take stylistic cues from the 60's and 70's why not convey that to the listener with full-fat analog processing?

The Analog Signal

What its all About

Rare Swedish Broadcast Company Vintage Mixing Desk
TAB/Telefunken Germanium mixing console

Without sounding like a damaged archival tape, gentler use of original equipment can lend weight and punch to rock, pop, or modern electronic work, sooth a sparse acoustic song or jazz number. Often a judicious hybrid approach makes sense. Yes, digital is also part of our workflow, sounding better and better since the early 90's, but a pristine vintage germanium signal path summed through an authentic custom-built box (full of tube & transformer goodness) is what brings your sound into full bloom. 

Unless you send us a 1/4" tape (recorded at 15 IPS) to have your material mastered 100% analog on its way to vinyl, your source and delivery may both be digital. You'll be in good hands, and will have results which you can be proud of as your legacy unfolds.

Your Sound in Full Focus

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